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Moremax Studio was established in Copenhagen in 1985, and has since been a key player in the vibrant Danish music scene. However, in 2002 the studio was moved to new, larger premises and underwent a significant refurbishment. This included the general facilities of the studio, the equipment, and the acoustics.

Moremax Studio was totally redesigned from scratch and is the first Danish studio to be designed and built with surround sound as the main focus of acoustics and equipment. Hence the studio can undertake a variety of professional functions, from music recording/mixing to mastering, and from post-production to speak in all formats and in mono to 5.1. And this to a very competitive price too, so please do not hesitate to contact Moremax Studio regarding your productions. We serve both Danish and international clients.

The studio complex also includes three independent production suites, accommodating a selection of established Danish producers, DJs, and artists.